Top 7 Phrases That Call Center Agents Should Never Use

Often at times, customer service agents at call centers can say certain things that may not be good. One call, one phrase, and even one word can turn a customer off or on the other side, it can bring future business. Effective training for call center agents at a call center is essential when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction overall.

Here are our top 7 phrases that you should always avoid using with customers at a call center:

“We Prioritize You”

It is simply impossible to prioritize each and every customer at a call center when most agents receive thousands of calls each day. Your customers know that you may just be saying this just to make them feel good. So, we recommend you not telling your customers about priorities. Instead, briefly tell them about the issues that you are looking into to resolve.

“Please Hold For A Moment”

Nobody likes to wait. It’s better to be specific and direct and say “Please hold for a minute so that I can speak with my supervisor and get back to you with an answer”. This provides good honesty and promotes trustworthiness.

“That’s Our Policy”

This definitely communicates that you are not wanting to help the customer for what he or she is needing help with. It can show that you are being insensitive and this can turn a customer away very quickly. Call centers should learn to go beyond that extra mile to serve their customers and build customer loyalty.

“There’s Nothing I Can Do”

Never say this to your customer after discussing one of their concerns. This will make them feel as if they are wasting their time. Make sure that your customer service team focuses on problem-solving rather than avoiding it.

“Just Go To Our Website”

This is just another way of you telling the customer “I can’t help you”. In fact, you need to assume that the customer has visited the website before giving you a call, as it is a faster way to find try and find the answer. So, it is best to avoid saying this altogether and trying to actually find the answer or consulting this with your supervisor.

“That’s The Manufacturer’s Responsibility”

This just indicates that you are happy to take your customer’s money while selling a product but not willing to assist them in their times of need. This is your your responsibility to fix their problems because you took the money from them.

“I Don’t Know”

This phrase just indicates that you are too lazy to find a solution to help the customer. Train your staff to the best of their knowledge so that this problem never arises and they don’t feel the need to ever say this phrase. Instead, teach them to say “I’ll find out the answer for you”.

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